Thinking Of House Sitting – How to Be Better At It

There is no trick or formula in becoming a housesitter. All it takes is the passion and discipline when you are trusted to live in someone else’s house. It comes down to how much responsible you can be. Most housesitters will have varied qualities that help them become better house sitters. It is not easy to live in someone else’s house and live up to their standards. You can pick up some of the common tips to help you become a better housesitter.

Some of those tips include:

Always communicate with the homeowner

The homeowner will need to know how his pets, garden or house is once in a while. You have to keep them updated on that issue. You can take photos of the pets and yourself playing, and then send them to the homeowner. It will thus give them assurance that everything is fine.

Be on time

Report on time when you are expected to start housesitting. It shows that you are punctual and can be trusted with the entire house. Once you show you can be there on time, the homeowner will have no worries about leaving his or her to you.

Conserve the privacy of the homeowner

There are sections or rooms in the house which are a no go zone for a housesitter. You should respect the privacy. It shows that you are mature and responsible to know that privacy is vital. For example, you should keep off the bedroom area. Inviting strangers should also be a no go while housesitting.

Do not hold parties in the house

It is unethical for a house sitter to hold parties or have many people for a sleepover. Remember that you are there for a short time and the homeowner trusts that you will take care of their belongings. If you are a couple, avoid inviting other people in the house as this is against the wishes of the homeowner.

Do not re-arrange the furniture or other items in the house

It is not your house and thus you should leave everything the way you found it. Just because you do not like the arrangement of the furniture or the position of the dining table, it does not mean that you should change it. Your work is to housesit, and you should stick to that. Enjoy the adventure and perform your tasks as stated in the agreement. Once you do a good job, the homeowner will leave you a positive review and thus high odds of housesitting in future.

Know the area you intend to housesit

It is good to know the area you will now call home in the next few weeks. You have to know where to shop or go for a walk. In some cases, the homeowner can get you acquainted with the neighbors around for the purpose of security. Since you will be a new face in the neighborhood, you have to know the neighbors. It will make housesitting easy and interactive. You can also know the language and culture in the area and discover more in your adventure.