Secrets From the Pros on Backpacking Trips

Are you planning a backpacking trip to Europe?  This is often the first way many students are able to tour Europe. Strapping a backpack and extra battery pack is the beginning of an adventure that will be full of memories to last a lifetime! Take these recommendations from the professionals prior to heading out and your trip will run that much smoother.

While still stateside, check with your bank for a card that does not charge currency conversion fees.  These can add up quickly and it’s a cost that can easily be avoided. Second, check with your cellular provider to check on data plans while abroad. Some phones require the purchase of a chip once you’ve arrived in your first destination out of the United States. Others will automatically search for a data network. You can save huge costs by securing a plan prior to departure. Finally, take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon coupons and head to Road Runner Sports for a pair of quality walking shoes that can take you throughout your journey in Europe. Be sure to wear them for several days prior to departure to confirm the fit and make sure they don’t cause any blisters.  Your feet will thank you!

It’s recommended to limit your tour to three to four countries while in Europe.  It’s tempting to rush from country to country, but you’ll really miss the flavor of each if you don’t plan on staying for a minimum of three days in each country.  Check out and book the youth hostels prior to departure. Lots of options are available, but the best picks are for those who reserve early. Check out the many options available for train passes. This is the best way to travel Europe and truly see the countryside. Prepare to take lots of pictures and make memories to last a lifetime!

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